About Us

We keep it in the family

Beacon Logistics is a family-owned and operated freight forwarding business. We come from a long line of seasoned private professionals who have made a name from themselves in the shipping business. Beacon Logistics embodies everything a functional family stands for; we have invested our time, sweat, and love in this business. Here at Beacon Logistics , our business isn't the only thing that's on the line; our family name is as well. That’s why we take our clients seriously. Our togetherness has kept us going strong so far, and we hope to continue serving our customers from generation to generation.

A decade of logistics excellence

We have been providing excellent freight forwarding expertise for 10 years now, and it is only getting better. We do not rest on our laurels and are never satisfied no matter the amount of quality service we offer. Our decade of thriving in this industry has made us acquire a wealth of experience that continues to help us improve our service quality. We have been tested by a plethora of clients throughout the years and found trustworthy. Our experts and agents have also further developed their skills throughout the time we have been in existence.

We communicate

At Beacon Logistics , we have come to understand that our clients— you— are the soul of our business, and we do not take your loyalty for granted. For us, you come first. We are great problem solvers, and this is because we are great listeners. We pay attention to every detail. Communication is important, and we respect our clients enough to always keep them informed throughout the process of providing them with the quality freight forwarding services they deserve. We like to take responsibility for our actions and want you to feel confident, leaving the rest to us.

Our reach extends throughout the globe.

Beacon Logistics has agents all over the world, which makes it easy for us to be of assistance to our clients regardless of the location. With our global presence come instrumental connections we have made over the years to help us offer the best services. We have strong and credible membership with some of the world’s leading freight forwarding and logistics networks. We are a proud member of the GLN and PPL networks, which are two of the leading logistics service providers and freight forwarding expert networks in the world.

We are FMC certified

Beacon Logistics is an accredited and certified logistics company, and we see our certification as one of our proud accomplishments. We are certified and regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), which shows that we have met the standards set for a credible and resourceful freight forwarding company. Our FMC certifications show that we are law-abiding, and with this, our clients have confidence in us.



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